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 Last update: 2003/07/18


This page provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  

  1. Is the Digital Media Project (DMP) a standardization body?
    Not in the way that, say, MPEG is. We have plenty of technologies already, even though it cannot be excluded that DMP will find the need of some additional technologies..
  2. Is the DMP a consortium for integration of existing technologies?
    This is probably a fair description of the DMP role. On the other hand it can be expected that integration of technologies will not be the only mission.
  3. What if gaps (there are many) are found in technology enabling critical applications?
    As a rule, a body capable/willing to develop the necessary technologies will have to be found
  4. Technology development and integration requires lots of resources.
    This is very true for technology development, less so for technology integration.
  5. Will resources be obtained by DMP based on some funding sources and made available to individuals participating in the project?
    The organisation running the DMP should have some resources of its own, but not enough to "pay" for the development of anything.
  6. Will individuals be asked to provide their own resources? Will corporations provide such resources to their employees if they decide to participate?
    ypically it should be companies.
  7. What about the intellectual property issue in participation in DMP itself?
    Please go to to see how the MPEG-4 Industry Forum manages this issue. This is certainly an issue to be discussed with great care.
  8. Will there be patent filings or no patent filings by DMP, by individuals or by corporations (if they are supporting individuals).
    This will be regulated by the IPR clauses of the Statute.
  9. While individuals can participate in discussions, what happens when there are actually technology gaps being identified and solutions being discussed or proposed.
    For the Digital Media Manifesto (DMM) phase, participation is as individual. The regular participation form in the DMP will be as company experts.
  10. Is the DMP a "not-for-profit" think tank?
    Not for profit, yes, but not a think thank... DMP should be a body producing documents, e.g. specifications.
  11. Will the DMP be funded by government, prvate and corporate donations?
    The DMP should be
    funded by (corporate) membership fees.
  12. What will be the output of DMP ? A set of electronic documents?
    Most of it, yes
  13. Actual working software?
    Possibly, but only for demonstration purpose
  14. Working hardware and software on some platform? A prototype in some other form?
    This is unlikely
  15. What would be the timeframe of DMP (not DMM) to produce something concrete? less than 6 mo from now ? 6mo-1yr? 1-2yr? more?
    Less than 6 months is unrealistic. More than 2 years is useless (unless there has been some useful output before)
    In one year the DMP should be able to produce already some significant results.
  16. Will DMP be selling complete solutions (hardware and software packages, aka a terminal)? Or will there be specific vendors of such packages?
    The DMP will not be engaged in commercial ventures.
  17. Will there be specific vendors of such packages?
    external vendors will be one confirmation of the success of the DMP.
  18. If there are implementations, OS and technology issues will come into play?
    DMP specifications should be OS agnostic. But this is an issue requiring more thoughts.
  19. How is the DMM phase going to be carried out?
    Collaboratively on the web, except for maybe getting together for approval of the DMM before release.
  20. Will DMP be done similarly?
    No. The DMP will address very serious issues and there will be a need for physical meetings.
  21. If there are frequent meetings will individuals look for their own funding?
    It should be companies, not individuals, supporting participation in the DMP. On the other hand it will be important to keep on board the large community of virtual participants that is being created for the DMM.
  22. Will DMM will clarify all this?
    Yes, this is part of what the Manifesto should describe in more detail.

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