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 Last update: 2003/09/28


Leonardo has dedicated his professional life to transform Digital Media from potential to actual benefits to society and business. Leonardo intends to continue his mission under new conditions. The first task is the Digital Media Project.

Is a mission still needed? With so many cases of Digital Media Technologies currently employed to run Digital Media businesses, has time not come to let market forces work?
No progress for Digital Media Unlike other Digital Technologies which have generated huge and profitable businesses, Digital Media is having a miserable life.
No winners • End users get none of the claimed benefits
• Business players are finding none of the opportunities they were promised and
• Public authorities' desire to offer citizenship the benefits of technology is stalled.  
The hurdles Since 1998 there has been a series of efforts aimed at removing the hurdles hindering the successful exploitation of Digital Media by preserving the value of digital content in the interest of rights holders and end users: OPIMA, SDMI and MPEG-21.
Need to act These are important efforts but they are not enough. To remedy past deficiencies and speed up exploitation of new technology results we need a Digital Media Project. Read the Digital Media Project white paper.
What you shoud do • Read the rationale of the Digital Media Project. If you agree then
• Join a global effort to draft a Digital Media Manifesto. In any case
• Read Riding the media bits, a guide to the complexities of the Digital Media world.
The next step The Digital Media Manifesto is being drafted collaboratively by correspondence (e-mail). If you want to join send an e-mail. A physical meeting may be needed to finalise the text.
What will be in the Manifesto The agreed rationale
The work plan
The charter of a not-for-profit organisation running the Digital Media Project.
Nota Bene The communication policy will be adopted for the collaborative drafting of the Digital Media Manifesto.

Send an e-mail to commentSee the communication policy — See the site map

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