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 Last update: 2005/11/06


The entries in the table below are the contributions received so far. Feel free to submit your ideas to the Digital Media Project open forum. Contributions will be treated according to the communication policy.

Source Title
05/11/02 L. Chiariglione Comments on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Press Release
05/10/30 NAVSHP CG1 FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document
05/10/30 L. Chiariglione

Introducing the "FP6 NAVSHP DRM Requirements document"

05/06/13 L. Chiariglione Television and Digital Rights Management
05/06/05 L. Chiariglione

Reshaping the Digital Media Value-Chain – For the Better

05/06/01 L. Chiariglione A report on my attendance at iLaw 2005
05/05/10 M. Gauvin

Response to Professor Felten’s Review

05/05/10 L. Chiariglione Response to Edward Felten’s article
05/05/09 T. Curran Response to Bill Rosenblatt’s article
05/05/09 M. Gauvin Answering Bill Rosenblatt
05/05/09 L. Chiariglione A walkthrough in the DMP Phase I specification
05/05/08 L. Chiariglione Response to Bill Rosenblatt’s article “Digital Media Project Releases Spec for Interoperable DRM”
05/03/25 CEC Summary of the consultation on the High Level Group final report on Digital Rights Management by the European Commission
05/03/25 CEC DRAFT AGENDA DRM Workshop: Towards reaching consensus on Digital Rights Management


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