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 Last update: 2008/08/11


The entries in the table below are the contributions received so far. Feel free to submit your ideas to the Digital Media Project open forum. Contributions will be treated according to the communication policy.

Source Title
08/08/11 L. Chiariglione Commented list of questions in GREEN PAPER "Copyright in the Knowledge Economy" by the European Commission
08/08/11 L. Chiariglione Comments on "Intellectual Property: Commission adopts forward-looking package"
08/01/09 L. Chiariglione, M. Springer Proposed response to European Commission consultation paper
08/01/07 M. Gauvin DRM, Social Responsibility and the Prevailing Crisis Ridden Economic Paradigm
08/01/05 L. Chiariglione Comments on "Communication From The Commission To The European Parliament, The Council, The European Economic And Social Committee And The Committee Of The Regions on Creative Content Online in the Single Market"
08/01/05 L. Chiariglione Comments on European Commission's Communication on "Creative Content Online in Europe's Single Market"
07/02/09 L. Chiariglione A simple way to skin the DRM cat
06/01/19 M. Springer The Money Factor Towards a free market for digital media business models


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