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TRU #81 contracting for middle-men to promote





Philip Merrill

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Name of TRU

TRU contracting for middle-men to promote


Summary description of TRU

Authors and other creators of media -- as well as many Middle-men who might themselves already be media distributors -- periodically need the distribution-related services provided by Middle-men who can arrange for the creator's media to be promoted.

Making known to potential users the existence of valuable content is a very important function that can typically not be performed by the creator. Content promotion to different users (particularly end-users) is regularly entrusted to middle-men (or, if within the same company, to another department in the same company). (this paragraph from Leonardo e-mail)


Use records of TRU

The number and variety of promotions are almost too numerous to count, as marketing experts find new approaches and uncover new demographics, basing succesful promotions on time-windows during which a distinct approach works for a distinct demographic.


Nature of TRU

This is one of a group of TRUs that also includes:

Promotional services are a vast and hard-to-define area because they must really work in order to be considered successful, resulting in some sort of clearly identifiable result. Promotional services are always very distinct from sales itself, although salesmen are generally expected to convey promotional messages as part of their selling.


Benefits of TRU

Authors (and/or other creators) and middle-men benefit most directly, but End-Users would never know of many media they might like to consume were it not for this TRU and the diligent efforts of middle-men.


Possible digital support

Contractual hooking-up of Authors and Middle-Man-Promoters should be much easier to support than enabling the promotions themselves. Promotions normally require a message as well as identifiable people to receive that message, and the synchronicity of what makes this work rarely lasts more than a few years, because "tastes" change and the competition catches on to what works and copies it. Providers of promotional services need to be able to come up with new and ever-more-thrilling ways to succeed within the DMP IDP/IED DRM environment



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