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TRU #78 contracting for middle-men to broadcast





Philip Merrill

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Name of TRU

TRU contracting for middle-men to broadcast


Summary description of TRU

Authors and other creators of media periodically need the distribution services provided by Middle-men who can arrange for the creator's media to be broadcast.


Use records of TRU

"Broadcast" conventionally means terrestrial transmission of RF signals from towers. Conventionally this has meant either radio audio or television video. More recently, digital terrestrial broadcasting as well as satellite broadcasting have become well established (even including digital video embedded in otherwise analogue network television).

As of this writing, the DMP Terminology defines Broadcast as "The Function of transferring Content to a Device in a point-to-multipoint mode."

It is noteworthy that the term "broadcast" has traditionally meant or implied some sort of corporate organisation owning the broadcast towers themselves. The corporate nature of this is significant because the services performed by a broadcaster are more impersonal than those performed by an Author or other creator.


Nature of TRU

This is one of a group of TRUs that also includes:

This is a well established right in most countries that have a significant amount of commercial freedom, however it is noteworthy that major television stations often either have close ties with the government or else are acting essentially as an extension or an agency for the government. In either case, it is common to hold broadcasters accountable to decency standards since the point-to-multipoint mode risks exposing the multipoint to so many unwanted incidences of material that should not be broadcast (as regionally defined and/or administered).


Benefits of TRU

Authors (and/or other creators) and middle-men benefit most directly, but End-Users would never know of many media they might like to consume were it not for this TRU and the diligent efforts of middle-men.


Possible digital support

The topic of "broadcast" was repeatedly discussed between TRU WS and GA03 and it is generally agreed that there are tremendously appealing technologies that could be deployed, as well as many DMBM's to support different types of content programming.

The importance of enabling TRU contracting for middle-men to broadcast is because right now this is how shows get on TV and someday this is how DM will take advantage of future digital broadcast technologies.



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