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L. Chiariglione


DEU #41 Creating information representation formats




Name: Leonardo Chiariglione
Affiliation/additional information: CEDEO, Villar Dora (TO) Italy
Date submitted: 2004/06/17


# Criteria Description
1. Name of DEU Creating information representation formats
2. Summary description of DEU When media in electronic form are converted to digital, the syntax and semantics of the bits used to represent the content - its information representation format - acquires a fundamental role.
3. Example usages of DEU This DEU has been made by standards organisations and private concerns. Examples are provided by
  • ITU-T with their H.120, H.261 and H. 263 recommendations
  • IEC with their standards for Compact Disc and Digital Audio Tape
  • ISO with their MPEG standards
  • Real Networks with their Real Audio and Real Video formats
  • Microsoft with their Windows Media (Audio and Video)

The current controversy on VC-9 is about giving an "international standard" (SMPTE) status to the proprietary video information representation format developed by Microsoft.

4. TRUs related to this DEU This is the digital equivalent of what Public Authorities have done with such transmission standards ar NTSC, PAL and SECAM, and what private companies have done with such recording standards as Compact Cassette, Betamax and VHS.
5. Enabling technologies Programming computing devices, designing VLSIs
6. Benefits of DEU By making an information representation format available, third parties can make content that uses that representation and devices that interpret the format
7. Requirements
  • Publishing information representation formats
  • Making it possible to use information representation formats
8 References