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Suggested resolution for DMBM #8 TRU TBDs





Philip Merrill

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Suggested resolution for DMBM #8 TRU TBDs



The need to resolve PAV RQs for TRUs 18, 27, 29, 58, 62 and 68 is referred to at DMBM #8 template Conflicts arise with Heidelberg GA01 RQs at because the cross-listed TRUs were arrived at somewhat loosely based on general mental association. The GA01 cross-listings to RQs are inadequate if we are to pursue Craig's approach (recently endorsed by Leonardo) of wanting to restrict RQs by category for eventual strict specification, so support for a given TRU category will eventually resolve down to engineering a DMP spec.

Based on reasoning elaborated below (with TRU sources to be clearly indicated on a revision of the DMBM #8 template) this would add the following RQs to the GA02 PAV RQ list at

This is offered purely in the spirit of continuing urgent to-be-determined work, the scope of which was defined in the April 29 IED-s breakout at GA02.


Cross-listing of DMBM #8 PAV TRU TBDs and GA01 RQs

The cross-listing of PAV TRUs to (problematic) GA01 RQs is as follows:


Fuller treatment of problematic RQ-TRU assignments from CraigPhil RQs

So, now for the fuller treatment of TRUs 43-46 and 49. These come from the CraigPhil document and match as follows:


Conclusions - proposed changes to DMBM #8

I propose the following regarding how I might amend DMBM #8 so that TBD TRUs and RQs are well aligned:

Before proceeding to lump these results together, let me note that the RQs for DEU 23 Expressing contracts and rights should be reexamined to reflect whatever led to the name of this DEU being changed from its previous "determining entitlements" title...which affects the way the requirements for DEU 23 were worded. This is also an opportunity to mention that DEU templates from GA02 need to be updated (including by me) to incorporate the RQs from the IED-s breakout (contained in the DMBM #8 template).

So here are the proposed RQs, derived from the above reasoning, all lumped together as if they were continuing the PAV RQ list at

38. placing of links to a piece of DMP content by a DMP user
39. The ability to provide for and contain within digital media, verifiable metadata containing a rating as well as the system on which the rating was made.
40. removal of a piece of DMP content that has been declared prohibited by a DMP user with the appropriate authority from public access
41. The ability to determine applicable mandated restrictions in a given region.
42. making a piece of content available to a community of DMP users at a time that is different from another community
43. The ability to base the granting of access on time restrictions or the ability to determine the length of “rental” upon which to base payment.
44. free choice of delivery systems independently of the media item and the license
45. trust relationships to be determined as existing between DMP DRM compliant devices, applications, services, and DMP DRM compliant bitstreams/files
46. the secure transfer of governed DMP DRM compliant bitstreams/files in cleartext over unsecure channels
47. a DMP bitstream/file to exist in a DRM governed state unless stored in or accessed from a DMP DRM compliant device or virtual environment
48. the transfer and use of DMP DRM compliant bitstreams/files between one given DMP DRM compliant DRM implementation and another DMP DRM compliant DRM implementation
49. the implementation of the loan, transfer by intent (including but not limited to by inheritance or last will and testament), or deletion of DMP DRM compliant bitstreams/files
50. efficient access control
51. the ability to create a personal or commercial descriptive set of metadata (whether with the DMP bitstream/file or scattered) and assign its annotative structure to work in conjunction with the ID information and structure of the source DMP file/bitstream being annotated, commented on, analyzed, or otherwise described.

As stated above, this is offered purely in the spirit of continuing urgent to-be-determined work, the scope of which was defined in the April 29 IED-s breakout at GA02.