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L. Chiariglione


TRU #56 of authenticity of content guaranteed




Name: Leonardo Chiariglione
Affiliation/additional information: CEDEO, Villar Dora (TO), Italy
Date submitted: 2004/06/13


# Criteria Description
1. Name of TRU TRU #56 of authenticity of content guaranteed
2. Summary description of TRU The longer and the more populated by unknown middlemen is the value-chain between the creator and the end-user and the less means the end-user has to know that the particular piece of content is indeed authentical.
3. Use records of TRU A mainstream publisher can be relied on as provider of authentic content. Some public broadcasters can be relied on as providers of authentic interviews, but in other cases a commercial broadcaster can be relied more on.
4. Nature of TRU Customary TRU that is provided as an implicit value added to the provision of content
5. Benefits of TRU Creators and end-users
6. Possible digital support There are many possible ways. A watermark in the content can carry and ID that an end-user can use to check for autheticity with a registration authority.
7. Requirements DMP IDP/IED shall support the means for a user to verify the authenticity of content that is being transacted
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