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DMBM #5: Broadcasting of open governed content




This document has been produced by the participants in the TRU Workshop in Los Angeles. It builds on 040419chiariglione01

# Criteria Description
1. Name of DMBM Broadcasting of open governed content (BOGC)
2. Summary description of DMBM

Broadcasting of governed content that is receivable by all end-users in a given broadcst footprint with support of different forms of services, e.g. public service, commercial service, subscription service.

3. Use records of DMBM The only form in which a form of BOCG has been implemented so far is through set top boxes equipped with the Common Interface
4. DEU used
  • 01 On-line storage of large amount of digital media
  • 02Browsing and selecting from a large number of content
  • 04 Simultaneous distribution of digital media to a large number of specially selected recipients
  • 05 Accessing governed content with a single device
  • 06 Making perfect copies of content
  • 07 Making content accessible to anybody connected to the network
  • 08 Automatically assigning descriptors to content
  • 09 Automatically transforming content representation
  • 11 Making electronic transactions
  • 12 Authenticating a device
  • 14 Extracting content to create new content
  • 15 Assembling content to create new content
  • 16 Identifying and tracking physical objects
  • 18 Automatic extraction of features from content
  • 20 Identifying and monitoring content
  • 21 Description of human profiles (digital identity)
  • 22 Authenticating users
  • 23 Determining entitlements
  • 24 Content use accounting
  • 25 Automatic generation of an audit trail
  • 26 Monitoring of usage
  • 27 Verifying integrity of content
  • 28 Verifying authenticity of content
  • 29 Customisation of human interface
  • 31 Attaching information to content in a persistent way
5. TRUs used
  • TRU #02 to make personal copy
  • TRU #03 to space shift content
  • TRU #04 to space shift content
  • TRU #05 to make playback device
  • TRU #06 to choose playback device
  • TRU #19 of continued access
  • TRU #28 of time based advertising
  • TRU #36 of time based advertising
  • TRU #51 of regional pricing
  • TRU #57 to choose the service
  • TRU #62 of applying technological access restrictions
  • TRU #64 to compel real-time only consumption
  • TRU #65TRU to restrict place of use
  • TRU #66 to restrict time of use
  • TRU #69 to access content of one's choice
  • TRU #71 to attach playback devices of one's choice to a network
  • TRU #73 to share content with members of a group
  • TRU #75 to choose security
  • TRU #78 contracting for middle-men to broadcast
  • TRU #80 contracting for middle-men to promote
  • TRU #85 to syndicate content
6. Benefits of DMBM BOGC is a DMBM that leverages the capability of broadcasting to deliver content to an unlimited number of recipients, while letting right holders preserve control of their asset and allowing end users to exercise a wide range of TRUs
7. Requirements TBD
8 References