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TRU Workshop


Traditional public and commercial service broadcasting




Name: TRU Workshop
Affiliation/additional information: DMP
Date submitted: 2004/04/27


# Criteria Description
1. Name of DMBM Traditional public and commercial service broadcasting
2. Summary description of DMBM Creation, procurement and distribution of audio and video content to a mass public audience in exchange of a government-mandated fee or through advertising
3. Example usages of DMBM Broadly used worldwide
4. DEUs related to this DMBM
  • 01 On-line storage of large amount of digital media
  • 02Browsing and selecting from a large number of content
  • 06 Making perfect copies of content
  • 07 Making content accessible to anybody connected to the network
  • 08 Automatically assigning descriptors to content
  • 09 Automatically transforming content representation
  • 14 Extracting content to create new content
  • 15 Assembling content to create new content
  • 16 Identifying and tracking physical objects
  • 18 Automatic extraction of features from content
  • 20 Identifying and monitoring content
  • 21 Description of human profiles (digital identity)
  • 24 Content use accounting
  • 25 Automatic generation of an audit trail
  • 26 Monitoring of usage
  • 28 Verifying authenticity of content
  • 29 Customisation of human interfac
5. TRUs related to this DMBM  
6. Benefits of DMBM  
7. Requirements  
8 References