The Digital Media Project



L. Chiariglione


Digital conservatory




Name: TRU Workshop
Affiliation/additional information: DMP
Date submitted: 2004/04/27


# Criteria Description
1. Name of DMBM Digital conservatory
2. Summary description of DMBM Distribution of instruction material created by extracting and assembling  pieces of licensed copyrighted recordings from classical music and combining with those recorded excerpts synthesised variants thereof
3. Example usages of DMBM  
4. DEUs related to this DMBM
  • 01 On-line storage of large amount of digital media
  • 02 Browsing a digital media data base
  • 30 Unmodifiable storage of large amounts of digital media
  • 08 Automatically assigning descriptors to content
  • 09 Automatically transforming content representation
  • 13 Repurposing content
  • 14 Extracting content to create new content
  • 15 Assembling content to create new content
  • 19 Synthesising content
5. TRUs related to this DMBM  
6. Benefits of DMBM  
7. Requirements  
8 References