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Marc Gauvin


TRU #86 to choose mode of economic compensation




Name: Marc Gauvin
Affiliation/additional information: Active contributor, Alicante, Spain
Date submitted: 2004//04/25






TRU to choose mode of economic compensation

Choice of form of compensation to rights holders (creators, performers and interpreters) for consumption of content by end users.



The right for anyone to use their original works or products as a token of exchange as in barter or alternate currency models.



Use records of TRU

Benefit concerts, free recording of concerts (example: grateful dead) in order to develop good will.  Perform in the Hotel in exchange for lodging.


 Nature of TRU

Both legally supported and customary TRU


Benefits of TRU

Both content creators and end users may benefit from allowing a broader spectrum of economic compensation methods which are not limited to the availability of conventional money. For example an artist may make use of his work subject to the end user providing services to the elderly or some other cause.

The digital space provides a very fertile basis for creating innumerable protocols for value exchange, the most obvious being immediate barter of content for content.  All creators of content who are also consumers of content may benefit from content bartering. 

Another possibility would be making content available to communities (i.e. in the developing world) allowing the content to be used as a medium of exchange thus providing desperately needed exchange mediums or making access to content contingent on support of development project in the form of services accounted for in man hours.


Possible digital support

License terms (REL), use reporting and copy control, watermarking persistent association.

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