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L. Chiariglione


DMBM #5: Broadcasting of open governed content




Name: Leonardo Chiariglione
Affiliation/additional information: Active contributor - Villar Dora, Italy
Date submitted: 2004/04/19


# Criteria Description
1. Name of DMBM Broadcasting of open governed content (BOGC)
2. Summary description of DMBM Terrestrial broadcasting is one of the earliest forms of content distribution. The early steps of cable and satellite broadcasting were intimately linked to  it. Digital technologies have been used either as a replica of traditional analogue radio and television broadcasting or as a form of pay TV where encrypted content is broadcast to set top boxes that are typically enabled to receive encrypted content by the payment of a subscription fee. The former is being used for DAB in Europe, DTV so far in USA and currently in UK. The latter is being used on cable and satellite, and has been tried in UK and Spain for digital terrestrial television.

There are different solutions that can be envisaged to cope with the threats perceived by right holders when broadcasting digital content in clear, without resorting to the deployment of proprietary set top boxes:

  1. Mandate by law that content received should not be reused
  2. Use set top boxes equipped with the Common Interface where a special, service-provider specific card can be plugged to enable reception of service-provider specific encrypted content
  3. Use technology enabling reception of content protected with any type of protection technology (e.g. IPMP-X)

BOGC is enabled by 1., 2. and 3. above. However, only tem 3. provides a form of BOGC that allows support of TRUs.

3. Use records of DMBM The only form in which a form of BOCG has been implemented so far is through set top boxes equipped with the Common Interface
4. TRUs used
  • TRU #02 to make personal copy
  • TRU #03 to space shift content
  • TRU #04 to space shift content
  • TRU #05 to make playback device
  • TRU #06 to choose playback device
  • TRU #19 of continued access
  • TRU #28 of time based advertising
  • TRU #36 of time based advertising
  • TRU #51 of regional pricing
  • TRU #57 to choose the service
  • TRU #62 of applying technological access restrictions
  • TRU #64 to compel real-time only consumption
  • TRU #65TRU to restrict place of use
  • TRU #66 to restrict time of use
  • TRU #69 to access content of one's choice
  • TRU #71 to attach playback devices of one's choice to a network
  • TRU #73 to share content with members of a group
  • TRU #75 to choose security
  • TRU #78 contracting for middle-men to broadcast
  • TRU #80 contracting for middle-men to promote
  • TRU #85 to syndicate content
5. DEU used
  • DEU #01 On-line storage of large amount of digital media Template
  • DEU #02 Browsing a digital media data base
  • DEU #05 Accessing governed content with a single device
  • DEU #06 Making perfect copies of content
6. Benefits of DMBM BOGC is a DMBM that leverages the capability of broadcasting to deliver content to an unlimited number of recipients, while letting right holders preserve control of their asset and allowing end users to exercise a wide range of TRUs
7. Requirements TBD
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