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L. Chiariglione


A table of Digital Enabled Usages (DEU)



Purpose of this contribution is to list Digital Enabled Usages (DEU).

DEUs are those usages that were either not possible or not considered in the analogue domain but that are possible and attractive in the digital domain.

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# Digital Enabled Usage Template


On-line storage of large amount of digital media



Browsing and selecting from a large number of content


03 Network distributed storage of large amount of digital media Template
04 Simultaneous distribution of digital media to a large number of specially selected recipients Template
05 Accessing governed content with a single device Template
06 Making perfect copies of content Template
07 Making content accessible to anybody connected to the network Template
08 Assigning descriptors to content (e.g. automatically) Template
09 Transforming content representation (e.g. automatically) Template
10 Adapting content for use in different environments  
11 Making electronic transactions Template
12 Authenticating a device Template
13 Repurposing content Template
14 Extracting content to create new content  
15 Assembling content to create new content and disassembling Template
16 Identifying and tracking physical objects Template
17 Distributed computing Template
18 Automatic extraction of features from content Template
19 Synthesising content Template
20 Identifying content  
21 Describing human profiles (digital identity) Template
22 Authenticating users Template
23 Expressing contracts and rights Template
24 Content use accounting Template
25 Automatic generation of an audit trail  
26 Monitoring of usage  
27 Verifying integrity of content Template
28 Verifying authenticity of content Template
29 Customisation of human interface Template
30 Unmodifiable storage of large amounts of digital media Template
31 Attaching information to content in a persistent way Template
32 Encryption and decryption of content Template
33 Non repudiation Template
34 Verifying quality of service Template
35 Creation and editing of content  
36 Navigating multiple distributed databases  
37 Software integrity verification and authentication  
38 Use of a secure clock  
39 Secure storage  
40 Applying descriptions, ratings, processing and/or governance to a DM at the granularity required by the application Template
41 Creating information representation formats Template
42 Placing a link between a point in a piece of content to a point in another piece of content