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Philip Merrill


LBE DMBM WiFi NetKiosk




Name: Philip Merrill
Affiliation/additional information: Active contributor, Pasadena, California, US
Date submitted: 2004/04/13


# Criteria Description
1. Name of DMBM LBE DMBM WiFi NetKiosk
2. Summary description of DMBM The LBE interfaces with the IED such that IED-s can be expeditiously developed and such that the LBE NetKiosk will offer an extremely rich center for high-level broadband delivery, albeit centralized around the NetKiosk. To break down that name:
  • LBE - location-based entertainment, for example a fighter jet flight simulator standing on an ocean boardwalk that eats $5 dollar bills;
  • WiFi - wireless local data networks;
  • NetKiosk - download anything from anywhere 24/7 or upload your personal creations.
Note that a key issue will be privacy (inc. anonymity when possible) for LBE WiFi NetKiosk transactions.
3. Use records of DMBM Many high-quality arcades exist at themed entertainment centers, massive, kiosk-only, assorted, some similar to videogames like flying or car racing, some allowing group participation. It should be noted that these are often very expensive.

The LBE WiFi NetKiosk could probably be sustained in the third world by charging customers 83 cents for 5 minutes, less than a day's wage in most developing nations. A great deal of important interaction could occur, for example, if dispersed villages were able to communicate with each other by each having an affordable kiosk. There could be subsidies for worthy uses like students doing research or scholarship of the arts.

Note that use of a card or mobile phone to carry money, such as can be used for going on a ride or paying at a NetKiosk, is already a fairly common practice. For example, the San Francisco BART train's stiff paper cards with magnetic strips. It should be trivial to find an affordable way for the IED, including early IED-s devices, to "dock" at a NetKiosk in order to conduct transactions using enhanced interactivity and vivid display.

Note possible configuration that this unit could be the data hub for a quonset hut arcade, requiring only one unit to power many terminals or "rides".

Merchandise manufactured by DM fabrication devices should be branded and become subject to the laws and conventions of the analogue world.

Manufacture of merchandise could occur apart from the kiosk in a connected equipment network of kiosk peripherals. Note that peripherals could include telerobotic devices so that a famous artist in Monterey California could customise some item for a customer anywhere in the world (with a NetKiosk) in real time.

Big Video Jukebox — with 3 customer service workstation-counters: Note potential for a ruggedized and even armorized device suitable for airlift drop to remote locations (note power-supply issue). For example a semi-cylinder standing kiosk could have a high-resolution video display on its flat portion covered by a protective polycarbonate shield, with surround-sound audio provided by a tent providing darkness for viewing. The curved portion of the kiosk (like a semi-circle), could support three counters at which download/upload customers could interact with the kiosk for 83 cents each 5 minutes or some higher price. Note that the IED-s could act as a remote control for such a kiosk so that through WiFi it might be possible to have hundreds of transactions going through the NetKiosk (as a data hub) simultaneously (thanks of course to multiplexing). In essence the IED-s is the remote control for the big video jukebox. I also envision that customers could pay to have the flat screen display the selection(s) of their choice for a few hours.

4. TRUs used developing nations, all reproductive TRUs and Category F TRUs. TRU distribution will apply to manufactured merchandise.
5. DEU used This is a DEU enabler so the sky is the limit.
6. Benefits of DMBM LBE WiFi NetKiosk benefits everybody and is particularly suitable to developing nations.
7. Requirements Like Proposal for a Multipurpose IED, the LBE WiFi NetKiosk is just a hardware shell for functionality that also can travel securely over networks by software alone. Note that this software/hardware symmetry - it can go either way - was my response to Leonardo's Interoperable DRM Platform (IDP), Interoperable End-user Devices (IED) and short-term IED (IED-s).
8 References Proposal for a Multipurpose IED
Interoperable DRM Platform (IDP), Interoperable End-user Devices (IED) and short-term IED (IED-s)