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L. Chiariglione


A template to analyse Digital Media Business Models (DMBM)



Purpose of this contribution is to list some criteria to be used in analysisng Digital Media Business Models (DMBM). DMBMs are part of the DMP process to develop requirements (RQs) for Interoperable DRM Platforms (IDP) and Interoperable End-user Devices (IED), along with Traditional Rights and Usages (TRU) of media users and Digital Enabled Usages (DEU).

DMBMs can be considered as a set of TRUs and DEUs that value-chain users assemble in order to implement their business ideas.

Each of the DMBMs of 040407chiariglione01 (and any other DMBM that will be identified) should be analysed according to these criteria.

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# Criteria Description Mandatory
1. Name of DMBM A brief meaningful name No
2. Summary description of DMBM A brief and meaning description of what the DMBM is
3. Use records of DMBM In which time frame/place, with which type of content, in which context
4. TRUs used List of (digital version of) TRUs used in the DMBM
5. DEU used List of DEUs used in the DMBM  
6. Benefits of DMBM Summary description of which users benefit from the DMBM
7. Requirements Any idea of possible requirements to be used for DMP IDP and IED No
8 References Relevant publicly accessible information

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