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Philip Merrill

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The following is an effort to organise my own thinking in review of the requirements output from GA01, in the revised version now at Especially as we prepare for GA02 and the addition of new RQs, it seemed a wholesome exercise to me to sort these into categories. The ones I came up with are as follows, and these are linked to RQ-lists below:

I dearly hope the crude irregularity of my thoughts on this will invite others to suggest improvements.

I did not break out payment-related RQs separately, but perhaps I should have. The yellow RQs have open questions that need to be answered, and of course all of these need elucidation (e.g., 77 use of standard signaling), regarding which this grouping might be of assistance.

As far as (the backwards "sanity check" process of) assigning TRUs to RQs with question marks, I observe that RQ 40 "the persistent and unique identification of DMP DRM compliant bitstreams/files and their derivatives" belongs to TRU "adaption" at least as regards the derivatives. So I hereby propose "adaption" as a new TRU respecting the right to authorise the creation of derivative works. And also, many of the Security TRUs should belong to TRU 62 "technological access restrictions" which had not been added to our TRU list at the time of GA01.

Also, as for typos, RQ 52 should probably not start with the word "and", and RQ 71 refers to an RQ 76 that I believe comes from a previous numbering system but most likely refers to some sort of violation such as copyright infringement.




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