The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Types of technology licensing



This document collects some descriptions of the ways proprietary technologies have been or could be licensed. It is based on  personal contributions made to the public DMP reflector by different individuals.

Free Software Compatible The license grants royalty-free use of> patents if the use is for software published under the terms of a Free  Software License.
Innovation-Compatible The license grants royalty-free use of patents if the use is for research, education and standardisation
Per-Unit Royalty The license applies a royalty per device, possibly considering the number of time a functionality is simultaneously usable
Royalty-Free The license does not require the payment of royalties to IPR holders
Uniform Royalty Fee The license is granted to anyone under the same terms
Use Fee The license applies royalties that are somehow proportional to the time the device is used to consume a service/content