The Digital Media Project



Melanie Dulong de Rosnay


Use case 3.1 DCBM for promotional access




A producer wants to promote a new work. He will send it to relevant journals and programs press agents together with promotion and biographical information. Journalists will value the work and announce its release. They have to be able to:

These functionalities are related to broader 2.2 TRU - Right to quote.

Readers of the review also have to be able to:

Maybe readers have to be also able to

But the producer would like to avoid journalists to reuse the work for another purpose than news reporting, critical comment and excerpt. In particular, the producer fears to find the work on P2P networks earlier than through authorized distributor. Therefore, he identifies each promotional copy by marking it in order to dishearten and identify leaks. The mark could be the name of the journal or the mention 'promotion copy - other uses restricted'. A mark insertion on the Digital Media may ensure visible traceability. If it is not possible to add a visible mark because it would harm the integrity of the work in relation to its author moral rights, it should be possible to add the same information in a watermark or within a Rights Expression. Nevertheless, a Rights Expression shall not restrict the access to a work for promotion use to journalists regarding their identity or affiliation. Indeed, if a critic once issued a negative review, the producer may be tempted *not* to send him a promotional copy and press freedom would be threatened.