The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


How to join DMP




In 031011chiariglione01 the 21st of October is planned to be the date when companies can start joining the DMP. Below is the text to be posted on the DMP web site concerning how companies can join the DMP.

The Digital Media Project (DMP) is the vehicle designed to execute the 7 major actions identified by the Digital Media Manifesto to set in motion the Digital Media business to the satisfaction of creators, value-chain players and end users. The DMP will become operational on the 1st if January 2004.

Joining the DM is possible starting from 2003/10/21. Those wishing to join should

  1. Read the DMP summary: Purpose, organisation and work plan
  2. Read the DMP Statutes
  3. Send an email to informing of their intention to join
  4. Give notice of their the intention to attend the statutes signing in Geneva, CH on 2003/12/01. Interim Directors will be elected from among those attending.
  5. Membership fees of 4000 CHF (about 3,000 USD or about 2,500 EUR) will be paid after 2003/12/01