The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Final revision of DMP Statutes




The purpose of this document is to respond to the different proposals of revision of the DMP Statutes contained in

Comments from 031012chiariglione01 have all been accepted


Comments from 031014chiariglione01

article 6 accepted

article 7, first comment, accepted

article 7, second comment, not accepted (would also requires changing election of Vice President)


Comments from 031017merrill01

article 1: seqq. is plural of seq.

article 4.2: "The Members who do not have a voting right are called Associate Members" accepted including other cases of "Associated".

article 7.3: the original text is fine. The ambiguity is cancelled by the sentence "No employee of such Member shall become eligible for election until a further full term shall have passed."

article 7.5: the original text is fine, because it is the person who is elected not the member company.

article 7.7: the original text is fine. Punctuality is a necessary condition for life in an organised society. Whoever comes late has himself to blame.

article 8.2: the original text is fine. Election of officer is a specific task of the GA.

article 9.1: the original text is fine. The article stating that the President is a de jure member of any committee simply gives the President the right to participate in any meeting, an obvious right

article 9.2: changed as suggested

article 9.4: changed as suggested

article 13: changed as suggested

article 14.5: changed as suggested