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DMP DRM Use cases






This document is currently under development. Draft Use Cases (UCs) are provided to illustrate specific requirements, traditional rights of users (TRUs), digital content business models (DCBMs), and other circumstances such as the traditional Gobi Desert use case. Please note that this document is in a development stage and submissions will be included during drafting that have not been carefully edited for stylistic consistency or even for complete consistency with the requirements since draft material will be aggregated herein for general review by participants in the DMP reflector.


1. Use Case examples illustrating specific requirements

 RQ doc(or excerpts) with commentary providing use case examples.

 2. Use Cases for Traditional Rights of Users (TRUs) 

2.1. TRU of first sale

 Note Craig's extensive recent contributions to the reflector.

 2.2. TRU to quote

2.3. TRU to make personal copy

2.4. TRU to choose playback device

2.5. TRU to privacy

2.6. TRU to access works whose copyright has expired

2.7. Other TRU use cases

 3. Use Cases for Digital Content Business Models (DCBMs) 

3.1. DCBM for promotional access

3.2. DCBM for fee-based single use access with no copying privileges

3.3. DCBM for lifetime non-transferable personal use access

3.4. DCBM for general personal and home-network use with transfer and loan privileges

3.5. DCBM for licensed rental for distribution in a corporate setting

3.6. DCBM for favorable terms available for non-profit, educational and archival institutions

3.7. Other DCBM use cases

4. Other Use Cases

4.1. Gobi Desert

4.2. Preservation of works with expired copyright

4.3. Preservation of copyrighted works for evidentiary purposes