The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Rationale of "Work plan of DMP"




The Digital Media Project at proposes a "Work plan of the DMP". The specific link is at Purpose of this document is to present the rationale behind the proposed work plan.

The work plan assumes that by 2004/01/01

  1. the DMP has been formally established (current proposal is for incorporation to be executed on 2003/12/01
  2. an (interim?) Board of Directors is in place (interim directors could be selected among those attending the signing ceremony)
  3. a draft work plan has been prepared (this document is a first step in this direction, with the purpose of kick starting a discussion on the DMP reflector)
  4. a draft organisation of Developing Committees (see for a rationale of the current proposal)
  5. a sufficient and representative number of members.

It is assumed that GA will be held every 3 months. DCs can have separate meeting from GA as they determine. However, they should meet concurrently with the GA when this holds a meeting.

The first GA (GA1)should be convened in the second half of January 2004. The purpose of GA1 would be to

  1. elect/endorse Directors
  2. elect President
  3. elect Advisory Committee (AC) members
  4. approve the 2004 workplan and a provisional 2005 workplan
  5. set up Development Committees (DC)
  6. approve Procedures of Work
  7. start (preparatory) work in all DCs.

The main task of GA2 should be issuing Calls for Proposals (CfP) on

  1. Traditional rights and usages enjoyed by end-users
  2. Levies
  3. Broadband access
  4. Standards development workflow
  5. End-to-end conformance

The purpose of 1. and 5. would be to provide adequate input for the work of DC1, the purpose of 2. and 3. to provide adequate input to DC3 and 4. to provide adequate input to DC4.

The main task of GA3 should be to process the responses to the the CfPs and start the work of DC1, DC3 and DC4.

GA4 should become a milestone for the DMP because it should produce a set of interim document on

Availability of DRM requirements (albeit in draft form) should enable the issuing of CfPl on DRM technologies.

Additionally GA4 should approve the 2005 work plan and the provisional 2006 work plan.

GA5 to GA8 will continue working on the acquired information with the goal to produce a set of technical specifications, recommended practices and recommended actions as follows