The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Rationale of "Purpose of DMP"




The Digital Media Project at proposes a "Purpose the DMP". The specific link is at Purpose of this document is to present the rationale behind the proposal.

Text in italic represents text drawn from

The mission of the DMP is to promote continuing successful development, deployment and use of Digital Media that respect the rights of creators and business players to exploit their works, the wish of end users to fully enjoy the benefits of Digital Media and the interests of various value-chain players to provide products and services.

This is the definition of what the DMP wants to do and how. Companies joining the DMP must accept that we seek collaboration of the 3 communities.

Digital Media includes new emerging experiences made possible by Information and Communication Technologies along with mainstream media experiences such as Compact Disc, Digital Versatile Disc, Digital Audio Broadcasting and Digital Television.

This is the definition of DM. As a result of the heated discussions on the last days before publication of the DMM, DM is defined primarily as addressing the new Digital Media experience, but includes Digitised Media. My idea is that we should address the latter when solutions for the former would also apply for the latter. I know this is very general, but my idea is that we should not attempt to solve a problem that is confined to digitised media. On the other hand I do not suggest to elaborate more. We should keep the text as it is proposed.

The development of specifications enabling businesses, both new and old, that support new user experiences, and recommendations to appropriate entities to act on removal of barriers holding up exploitation of Digital Media is the selected means to realise the goals of DMP.

This is what I find in the current "Purpose". In line with what is proposed later on for the DMP organisation, I would add "and recommended practices" after "specifications".

DMP contributes the results of its activities to appropriate formal standards bodies and other appropriate entities whenever this is instrumental in achieving the general DMP goals.

This means that it may be in the interest of the DMP to communicate with other bodies both in the course of development of its outputs and at their completion.

DMP is a not-for-profit organisation based on open international collaboration of all interested parties: corporations and individual firms, partnerships, governmental bodies or international organisations, supporting the DMP goals and the means to achieve them.

This says a few important things:

  1. DMP is not for profit. I hope we do not need to discuss this
  2. it has a worldwide scope the work of the DMP is done by member companies' employees
  3. being not for profit the work of the DMP is done without remuneration
  4. membership is open to those who accept the goals of the DMP.

At the moment there is no mention of individual membership. This is an issue that has already been discussed on the reflector. My proposal is that we should try to be inclusive by designing ways to have individual voices heard (of course user associations are welcome to join) but not have membership of individuals. So I would propose to add a sentence

"The DMP strives to get the involvement of end users of Digital Media through appropriate mechanisms".

A yearly fee is set every year to a level adequate to reach the goals set for that year.

This states the principle that membership fees are for the purpose of reaching the goals of the organisation. This includes cost of a secretariat, communication to the outside etc. The next sentence has been grammatically corrected

There is no obligation, however, for DMP members to implement or use specific technology standards or recommendations because of their participation in DMP.

This is a customary clause.