The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Proposed program of work for the Digital Media Project definition phase




The months July to September 2003 have produced the Digital Media Manifesto (DMM). This is a real asset because

  1. it is the result of long discussions that have created an environment of mutual respect
  2. it sanctions some simple but very powerful concepts
  3. it identifies the 7 major actions
  4. it identifies the Digital Media project (DMP) as the instrument to execute the 7 major actions
  5. it proposes some ideas about the DMP (purpose, organisation, work plan, statutes and starting date).

Item 5. in the list above, however, is far from complete. The next three months (October to December) should be used to thoroughly discuss the DMP, so that work can start in earnest on 2004/01/01. I will call these three months the DMP definition phase.

This is the proposed list of issues to discuss:

  1. Purpose of DMP. The starting point is provided by
  2. Organisation of DMP. The starting point is provided by
  3. Workplan of DMP. The starting point is provided by
  4. Statutes of DMP. The starting point is provided by
  5. Date of incorporation of DMP. The proposal is 2003/12/01
  6. Starting date of DMP. The proposal is 2004/01/01.
  7. Develop requirements for interoperable DRM platform and interoperable end-user devices

This last point is very important because it allows

  1. to retain and possibly increase the collaborative momentum created during the DMM drafting
  2. to recruit new members from the "three communities"
  3. to accelerate the technical work of the DMP phase.