The Digital Media Manifesto



Marc Gauvin


Contribution to the "Complete draft of Digital Media Manifesto"





I am including key points in blue as possible text that could be included in the DMM wherever Leonardo sees fit.  The idea is to provide a quick overview of the philosophy of the DMM with the slant I would personally like to see.  Below at ‘presentation of ideas’ I offer a possible example of an introduction to it all to be placed at any point of initial contact with the DMM and the DMP. Obviously, there may be better text and imbedded are some of the issues I believe to be key.

 I hope this proves valuable, I wish I had more time to dedicate.

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General Philosophy: Enable DM market where it presently is stagnant

 Economic models (scarcity vs. abundance)

 The DM market, because of the lack of control of the prolific supply side has lost predictability from a traditional investment point of view, the demand side on the other hand can be known with ever increasing clarity and precision given the available tools, user interaction and the evermore even playing field.   

Thus, a new approach based on know your client (as an individual rather than as a member of a pre-determined class) and personalized user profiles will be required for successful and continued marketing of products and services in lieu of  traditional product pushing.  

Balance all the values not just commercial.


 We must remember that the concept of ‘right’ is much more fundamental than the subset of commercial rights, thus we must build a rights system that also includes commercial rights and not commercial rights that try to preserve other rights.  The preservation of one right must also result in the preservation of all legitimate rights.   

Presentation of ideas: What do people see first?

 Once the Manifesto is finalized, it might be useful to distil a statement that summarizes the Manifesto while referring to the greater document and annexes, a suggestion/example text follows (keyword hyper links in red):

 The DMM establishes the grounding rationale for and scope of the DMP, how it is to be governed, how individuals and organizations may participate and the requirements for such participation.   It provides a vision that permits a multidisciplinary (technical, legislative , economic and societal) approach to what are believed to be basic impediments in the present DM market.

 The key issues that the DMM addresses and that will define the objectives and scope of the DMP are:

 The DMP will provide guidelines for defining goals and objectives for enabling the development of solutions that adhere to the DMM scope, principles and intent.

 The DMM strives to avoid antagonism between value chain players, especially where such antagonism may impede DM deployment.

 The DMM provides defintions and broadens some common definitions such as DRM where traditionally it has been thought that the management of rights referred only to those of the content owner  but now also encompasses those end users, third parties etc.. This would be an example of elimination of antagonism between key value chain players.

 Something like this, close or at the initial contact point with the DMM/DMP should be the first thing one reads. I understand that the objective of the present website is to initiate contributions to the DMM dev. and DMP def. and that the DMP site will be reorganized once we have a DMM.