The Digital Media Manifesto



Jinwoong Kim


Comments on draft of DMM




1.       page 8-9 (3.1.2 Phasing out analogue legacies)


-          This subsection explains the history and the current situation on the levy as a means of compensating for presumed loss of the content owners caused by illegal copies, and lists concerns about continuing or even extending the levy-imposing onto digital domain, However, it does not suggest any methods for migration from the old paradigm to the new one, other than just stating the need for phasing out the levy as an dispensable legacy.

-          We would like to suggest that some directions for basic approach should be mentioned in this subsection, which includes migration paths from levy-based to fully DRM-based content control. We can think of having both models co-existing at the beginning, with the cost on end-users being made such that there is an incentive for users accepting DRM-based content control. Implementation of this idea may need actions both in policy and technical side.


1.       page 16 (3.2.1 Interoperable DRM platforms)


-          There seems to be two different concepts described, but need to be more clearly differentiated, “interoperable DRM solutions” and “interoperable DRM platforms”. In the current version of the draft, the sentences, “Therefore, while it is conceivable … for any predictable length of time”, seem to refer to the former concept, while the sentences, “The only feasible solution in the … via negotiation protocols, for different technologies to interoperate”, refer to the latter concept.

-          The former is the concept that a protected content (a content accompanying DRM additions, or a content wrapped in a DRM package) can be transparently used in any interoperable DRM platforms having different DRM solutions. On the other hand, the latter is the concept that a DRM platform has a standardized common interface to all DRM solutions, which can be ported to a platform and support a user-selected DRM solution for a specific business model.

-          We also suggest that the issues arising from both concepts be treated in the scope of DMP.