The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Comments to "Digital Media value chain analysis by S. Carmichael"




The purpose of this document is to comment on the "DM Value Chain - Player Definition and Cost / Benefit Matrix" of the referenced document as amended with comments by J Ingram.

DM Value Chain
Player Definition and Cost / Benefit Matrix








Composer, Screen writer, Performer,
Artist, Engraver, Music Copyist


A: Time to develop of new skills (training)
B: New Equipment (Hard and/or Software)

A: More opportunities to have creations remunerated (relates to C:)
B: reduced dependence on producers (they don't have to be paid) - comment 1
C: widening of market presence (e.g. via internet) comment 2


Film/TV/Music studios Publishers

Sony - film
Brill – TV RandomHouse

A: Loss of control to creators
B: Equipment/SW

A: Increased range of product types / variations
C: Potential for control of more value chain elements
C: New platforms

Content repositories

Studio comment 3

SF Public Lib
Turner Classic Movies


C: Possibility to provide universal access to content

Rights societies

Rights intermediary and standards developer


B: Loss of levies

A: Opportunities of new services
C: Broaden base geographically

DRM solution providers

Provider of Rights Management Systems, and integrators

SAP, Rightsline, BearingPoint

A: Sales and Marketing
C: R&D

A: Opportunities to deploy solutions. Potential for new products

Media companies

Managers and owner of content, and often production and distribution facilities


B/C: Accelerate transition to digital

A: More opportunities to distribute content; e-commerce, data asset; consumer application sales comment 4
B: Radical reduction of piracy

Apps providers


A: Sales and Marketing
C: R&D

A: Creation of new markets
C: Standards allow expansion

Aggregators (network)

Cable, and IP based content providers


A: Change in model, retraining, new staff
B: Servers…
C: R&D

B: No need to be concerned with end-user devices
C: More ways to offer content

Aggregators (broadcast)

Radio / TV Stations
Where does satellite go?

Clear Channel

A: Change in model, retraining, new staff
B: Digital Trans
C: R&D

B: No need to be concerned with end-user devices
C: More ways to offer content

Back-office apps providers

FICO, DAM, Ad, DRM, Customer Date Base, etc.


A: Sales and Marketing
C: R&D

A: Demand for new applications
C: New opportunities to deploy solutions (content management, e-business, billing etc.)

Connectivity providers (network service providers?)

Two Way-IP based service providers

TW, Earthlink,

B: Service Provisioning
C:Infrastructure upgrade

A: Opportunities to bundle infrastructure services with higher-level services
C: More connectivity/bandwidth required by users

Network service providers (Same as above?)


Cap Exp for development / risk

More access required by users
Opportunities to bundle network services with higher-level services


Gateway to key digital media services

Amazon, e-Music

A: Right negotiations
B: Core business development
C: Discovery/planning for Products

A: More services than possible today
C: Opportunities to bundle search services with actual content offers

Device manufacturers (HW)

Devices required for management, and consumption of DM all along the Value Chain comment 8

Scientific Atlanta, MAC, Sony

A: Sales and Marketing
C: R&D

A/C: Creation of a dynamic market of devices

Device manufacturers (SW)

OS, game, DM Management SW comment 5

Palm, Real Player, Sony Java, JINI, Windows CE

A: Sales and Marketing
C: R&D

A/C: Creation of a dynamic market of software applications comment 6

End users

Consumer of Media, commercial and non commercial

Teenage, Restaurant, Magazine Publisher,

A: Time to update skills
B: Acquisition Costs of HW, SW, and DM

Richer access to content
Increased range of utility
Access determination / time - location
comment 7



I would say: they are less needed


Is this true? Yes, theoretically it is possible, but we have enough evidence that an intermediary is always needed even on the web


By content repository I really meant "libraries". I do not understand the meaning of "studio" here.


I do not understand "e-commerce, data asset; consumer application sales"
Comment5 I do not understand "game". This is a type of DM. I would add Middleware here
Comment6 This should go to "apps providers"
Comment7 I would add: Easier to create and distribute content
Comment8 I would separate "end user devices" from other "infrastructure" devices
Comment9 I see one function that is missing in the value chain and that is promoter of "artists/content"