The Digital Media Manifesto



Chieteuk Ahn


Use case No. 06: terrestrial broadcasting



1. Introduction

This paper of this contribution is to use the methodology proposed in 030701chariglione01 for the specific use case “contents convergence between terrestrial broadcasting and telecommunications”.

Following digitization of telecommunications networks, digitizing terrestrial broadcasting network will achieve seamless total digital network.

2. Description of the traditional terrestrial broadcasting

2.1 Functions of traditional terrestrial broadcasting

2.2 Traditional value chain players

2.3 Technologies used in the traditional use case

Today’s traditional terrestrial broadcasting service is successful. However, the conversion technology between different standards such as NTSC, PAL, and SECAM is needed. The rest is well-established.

2.4 Legislative framework of the traditional use case

2.5 Business model of the traditional use case

3. Description of the digital use case

3.1 Functions of the digital use case

3.2 Value chain players in the digital use case

3.3 Technologies used in the digital use case

3.4 Cost/benefits for value chain players

Value chain player



Program/content owners

Production cost

Enhanced right management

Program creators

Authoring equipment

Controlled distribution outlets


New transmission equipments

Integrated content delivery

Network providers

Deployment of integrated framework

Efficient use of bandwidth, Integrated content delivery


Increasing production cost

Targeted advertisement, Commercial feedback response

End users

New equipments (STB, display)

Viewing high quality contents, Personalized consumption

Broadcasting equipment manufacturers


New market

3.5 Difficulties of current deployments

It takes a quite long transition period from traditional broadcasting environment to new one, even though deployments have being increased recently.

4. Hurdles

The following can be considered as hurdles of primary importance:

5. Relationship with other use cases

6. Reference

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