The Digital Media Manifesto



L. Chiariglione


Quality criteria for drafting the Digital Media Manifesto




The following criteria are proposed for drafting the Digital Media Manifesto.

  1. Competence. Readers of the DMM may disagree with the way some issues are deal with, but issues should be treated with competence.
  2. Precision. The DMM should not contain statements that are technically imprecise (technically does not just relate to engineering and computer science), so as not to provide "hooks" for people to attack the validity of the document.
  3. Innovation. The DMM should contain proposals that have a potential to change the Digital Media (DM) business and set finally things in motion. The word "proposal" includes identification of hurdles and related issues to be address in the DMP.
  4. Evolution. To be accepted, the DMM should not contain major elements of discontinuity (business - legislative - technology). This in spite of the use of the word "Manifesto".
  5. Inclusion. Even though it may eventually turn out that some functions on the value chain are no longer justified, the DMM should not assume that any function is irrelevant.
  6. Concision. The DMM should treat all issues in a succint way
  7. Credibility. The entire architecture of the DMM proposal should be credible.